Friday, December 15, 2006

TCDC Feedback

Hey TCDC fans! Use this thread (or start a new one) to let the cartoonists know what you think of this year's cartoons! I for one think they are great ... but I'm biased!


  1. I guess I'LL be the one to kick this blog off then...LOL! Like Rich, I too am biased about the latest installment of TCDC 'toons for some yuletide yuks! Seriously though, I do like how all the cartoonists took advantage of the free-form approach this year and I know I'm already looking forward to TCDC '07.

    So I personally want to thank Rich for having me part of all this year after year, and I thank the other guys too for coming up with hilarious holiday humor each time around. Excellent job, guys....and I mean that in the sooooooo unbiased way! LOL!

  2. Howdy ... this just in via e-mail ...

    Great cartoons they made me chuckle thank you. Florida Fisherman

    Thanks FF for stopping by! -Rich

  3. More Feedback (this one from a few days ago ...)

    Hi Rich - nice job.... good, optimistic toons - really fun to look read.
    I can't imagine how much work went in to this, but it's worth it.
    Happy Holidays!
    - Al.

  4. Will do, Rip.

    I have to say yours are the best. The guy who drew the elves in the witness chair got me, too. -w

  5. Thats awesome RIch! And a very entertaining thing to do while I am drinking my morning coffee!! Thanks! -H

  6. Folks! I've added e-mail comments in under Anonymous, so you get the idea that we are getting feedback ... you can also leave your post that way too, or just e-mail me!

    Thanks -Rich

  7. Thanks, Rich:

    God Jul (Swedish for Merry Christmas)!