Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cartoonist Callout for TCDC

Cartoonist Callout for The 5th Annual The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC)
cartoons are due in by November 25th, 2007!

Cartoonists interested in some free promotional fun are invited to participate in the 5th Annual On-line The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC). This year’s TCDC will begin on December 1st and run through January 5th at www.the-cartoonist.com. Cartoons need to be submitted by November 25th in order to be posted on the web site.

Each cartoonist will have a page featuring two or more cartoons on the theme of humor in the Christmas season. It will be G-rated fun for the whole family and help to keep the hustle and bustle of the holidays in perspective.

This year’s cartoonists, so far, are Sean Boley, Rich Diesslin, Dale Hunt, Kevin Edler, Larry Miller, Ira Monroe and Lan Hoang Vu (a.k.a. VAL)! The more the merrier!

The Cartoon Days of Christmas (TCDC) will be hosted at Rich Diesslin’s http://www.the-cartoonist.com. Rich is known for his freelance cartoons and cartoon books on a variety of topics including his recent e-book The KNOTS or Not Scouting Cartoon Collection and Joseph: A Tale of Two Traditions. This foray into Christmas humor is one of the ways Rich and his cartoonist friends draw attention to their cartoons! It’s free publicity, but those participating this year can have two cartoons added to the gift shop to generate a little bit of revenue next year!

1. To summarize what you need to participate …

· 2 or more cartoon on Christmas (G-rated)

· a brief biography (one or two paragraphs)

· a banner and/or contact information

2. E-mail them to Rich by November 25th

3. Promote the event to your contacts

4. Enjoy the show!

Content will be screened for suitability on a family-oriented web site! Further information is available upon request, including interviews and graphics as needed.

Contact Information: Rich Diesslin at RLDes@aol.com. Thanks!

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