Wednesday, October 1, 2008

TCDC Cartoonist Call Out

Cartoonists interested in participating in this year's The Cartoon Days of Christmas, look for details on web page within the next week.


  1. Let's brainstorm some themes for this years TCDC. Here are common situations ...
    1) Shopping for Christmas
    2) Santa at the North Pole
    3) Santa delivering toys
    4) Other North Pole Issues (reindeer, elves, etc.)
    5) Shopping mall Santas
    6) Real meaning of Christmas
    7) Kids and Christmas
    8) Adults and Christmas
    9) Animals and Christmas
    10) What Cartoonists like for Christmas
    11) What ___________ like for Christmas
    12) Commercialism at Christmas
    13) Christmas and the Economy
    14) Useless Christmas Presents
    15) ... you turn ... what would be some other good themes?

  2. The cartoon days of christmas
    16.out of the wrapped christmas box
    17.Santa coming out of ink bottle looking for santa under christmas tree.

  3. 19) Sean's twisted take on the holiday season. LOL!

    Now why I didn't think of that as a separate category/topic in previous TCDC events, I have no clue. lol! But let's face it, Rich...I know you remember my prior Yuletide yuks... :)

  4. Sean, Dale, yep, good additions ;)

    Sean, you are starting to make my elves a little uneasy ... be careful!

  5. Kevin Edler seen your pictures in florida and brought memories of when the family was back in New York.

    For those who havent seen these great pictures go to

    Love your neice. BJ